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Youth Work, Non-Formal and project based learning

Creating a platform for young people to find their voice, express themselves and unite against injustice and inequality within the community and beyond.

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Generation (Change?) understands the importance of young people being able to confidently use their voices to enact positive social change throughout society. That is why, as an organisation, heavy emphasis is put on using non-formal and project-based learning in the community as a means to work with young people from different backgrounds to develop their personal and professional skills. Generation (Change?) is an organisation formed by various Youth Worker professionals in Malta. Young people are involved in every phase of all the projects we implement. 


Malta Voluntary Organisations Registration Number: VO/2049



Bringing Change

All Hands on Deck

“All Hands-on Deck” adopts a project-based learning approach aimed at young people. One of the aims of our project is to support young people with fewer opportunities – to offer them a secure environment of learning, to give them the chance to prove themselves in new situations and give them opportunities to develop their self-esteem, to help them orientate in their current life situations, and to encourage them to experience the maritime industry. Through this project, the young people involved participate in a 9-month programme that is centred around a boat restoration project. The young people are given the opportunity to experience different technical skills in the field of boat restoration and maintenance. An example of the skills gained is painting, carpentry, cleaning of the boat, familiarising themselves with different tools and power tools.

Furthermore, the young people are also exposed to the specific vocabulary used within a maritime setting. Throughout the project, whilst these technical skills are being learnt, the focus is also on different life skills that the young people can make use of in different life situations, such as communication, working in a team, critical thinking and problem solving. The aim is that at the end of the programme the young people are introduced to employment in the maritime sector. Every year a new group of young people will participate together with more experienced young people for previous projects.


In 2021, two cycles of the project were implemented. One with local young people and one which included local young people and also a group of Austrian young people.


Project funded by the European Union. European Solidarity Project. 

Breaking the Taboo

“Breaking the taboo” focuses on creating awareness and promoting dialogue on sexual and reproductive health in relation to young people. The project is carried out in workshop format, with the number of workshops depending on the needs of the groups taking part.  The topics are designed around the needs of the young people. Some of the topics included are, contraceptives, sexuality and consent. The aim is to encourage and empower young people to take control of their sexual and reproductive health, by gaining knowledge on the topic and eliminating the stigma attached to it. The workshops are held in different environments such as in residential homes for youth, secondary, post-secondary school and youth groups.

Running alongside the workshops are a number of pop-ups. These pop-ups focus on engaging different communities by encouraging discussion on various sexual and reproductive health topics, this is done by setting up stalls in various locations around Malta. 

YEAH! Youth Hub

The Youth Hub is a non-formal educational space, based at the Friends of the Earth (Malta) Green resource center in Floriana - Every Thursday 17:00-20:00. 


It offers a recreational environment through which the youth worker can support the young people who attend by encouraging and assisting them to implement various projects and initiatives that enhance their potential.  An important aspect of the youth hub is to encourage dialogue and active participation of the young people with their local communities and as such emphasis is put on taking part in different community events and activities, this will help to foster a sense of belonging for the young people, whilst also bridging the gap between different community members.


The Youth Hub can be viewed as a microcosm of society. The young people involved set the agenda of the space, create a democratic structure, run it in an inclusive way, tackle injustices and inter sectional issues within the group and is in itself an experiment in radical democracy. 


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